Monday, April 16, 2007

«Moroccan» «Jokes»

During the war, Saddam Hussein wanted to launch missiles from the Moroccan coast to the US, but when he pushed the button, nothing happened. Turned out there were so many Moroccans hanging on to the missiles that they simply couldn't lift off.

Sitting-down comedian of the evening is Mostafa Chendid, about whom we already reported yesterday following his interview in the Danish weekly newspaper Weekendavisen. He told the joke because the journalist asked for one just to show that Muslims do have humor. He didn't want to tell a joke about Muslims though, because religion is a serious thing to them, so he replaced «Muslim» with «Moroccan». Here's the other joke he told:
A young Moroccan marries a thirty-year old, rich woman. She's completely in love with him and insists on meeting his parents. He agrees to it, after a long time, and they travel to Rabat, where they take a walk in the streets. Suddenly she stumbles and falls on the ground. Another Moroccan passes by and says: «Be nice and pick up your residence permit, would you?»
Of course, the woman is supposed to be Danish, if you didn't guess that. The journalist didn't. Anyway, I wonder why these two jokes are supposed to be funny. Maybe because there's absolutely no connection to reality?

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

«All Women Should Wear A Veil»

According to Mostafa Chendid of the Danish Islamic Society (Islamisk Trossamfund), not only Muslim women but other women too should wear a veil. Why? Because five up to ten percent of all men can't control themselves when they see a woman without a veil.

Mostafa Chendid is considered to be the successor of Ahmad Abu Laban, one of the imams who was involved in the affair around the notorious Danish cartoons. Ahmad Abu Laban was one of the leaders of the delegation that traveled around the Middle East and that had added three drawings to the original cartoons in its report to «give a clearer picture of the climate against Muslims in Denmark». Mostafa Chendid is doing well to become just as famous as his predecessor, and the interview that he recently gave to the Danish weekly newspaper Weekendavisen certainly isn't going to reduce the controversy around his person.

Earlier he had already succeeded to draw attention to himself by saying to Jyllands-Posten (that's right: the newspaper with the cartoons) that not only Muslim women, but all other women too, should wear a veil, on... International Women's Day. Of course, this resulted in a lot of reactions, and as a matter of fact his remarks in Jyllands-Posten were the direct reason for the interview with Weekendavisen, where he repeated them once more and commented on them. He said for example that wearing the veil is a woman's duty to God, because that's what's written in the Koran. However, that doesn't mean that he thinks that a woman with a veil is a better person than a woman without a veil.

According to him the veil also serves as a signal: women with a veil are «not for sale». Moreover, the veil protects against rapes, he says: in the US for example, every half minute a woman is raped, and according to him that's because women continuously tempt men by going onto the streets without a veil. Maybe not all men have a problem to control themselves when they see a woman without a veil, and perhaps there's only a problem with five to ten per cent of the men, but he says that's nevertheless enough for all women to wear the veil.

When asked whether men shouldn't cover themselves too, so they don't seduce women either, the imam basically evaded the question. But maybe the journalist should have gone even further and asked if it wouldn't be much simpler if the men would stay inside and weren't allowed to go out unless accompanied by their wife or a female family member. After all, it's the men that are the problem, not the women, and to me it seems rather bizarre that women should walk around with a veil because men can't control themselves. No doubt, it there wouldn't have been a prophet but a prophetess, Mostafa Chendid never would have set a step outside his door! Maybe it would have been better for Islam's image too if he wouldn't do that anyway.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Notker Wolf on European Islamization

Notker Wolf, the Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Order, in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag about the islamization of Germany and Europe:
Welt am Sonntag: What do you think about the influence of Islam on the western world?
Notker Wolf:
There are certainly some groups that have set out the islamization of Europe as their goal. I think that's in itself a serious thing. In Germany the Turkish association Ditib recently demanded that the «Word on Friday» be broadcast on public television. I only ask myself: How can it be that these people demand all rights in Germany for them self, while at the same time Christians are gravely discriminated in Turkey? Why aren't we, Christians, allowed a theological faculty in Turkey? Why aren't we allowed to have any church property there? Meanwhile, the mayor of Munich even breaks building regulations to approve a mosque, just to win the votes of the Turks. That is unbelievable! Tolerance is good, but it doesn't mean we should surrender.
It goes without saying that the mayor of Munich, Christian Ude belongs to the social-democratic SPD, but I mention it anyway.

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