Monday, April 16, 2007

«Moroccan» «Jokes»

During the war, Saddam Hussein wanted to launch missiles from the Moroccan coast to the US, but when he pushed the button, nothing happened. Turned out there were so many Moroccans hanging on to the missiles that they simply couldn't lift off.

Sitting-down comedian of the evening is Mostafa Chendid, about whom we already reported yesterday following his interview in the Danish weekly newspaper Weekendavisen. He told the joke because the journalist asked for one just to show that Muslims do have humor. He didn't want to tell a joke about Muslims though, because religion is a serious thing to them, so he replaced «Muslim» with «Moroccan». Here's the other joke he told:
A young Moroccan marries a thirty-year old, rich woman. She's completely in love with him and insists on meeting his parents. He agrees to it, after a long time, and they travel to Rabat, where they take a walk in the streets. Suddenly she stumbles and falls on the ground. Another Moroccan passes by and says: «Be nice and pick up your residence permit, would you?»
Of course, the woman is supposed to be Danish, if you didn't guess that. The journalist didn't. Anyway, I wonder why these two jokes are supposed to be funny. Maybe because there's absolutely no connection to reality?

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