Friday, April 22, 2005

Marburg Outbreak (3)

[Click to enlarge]WHO reports today that there are no new cases, but five more deaths. This brings the current spreading rate of the outbreak to 4.5 new cases per day based on the last five reports. It may be an indication that the outbreak is more or less under control for now. The fatality rate is currently at 92%, but WHO still hasn't reported any recovery so far.

The picture above is an update of the previous figure, showing the data up to 20 April.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Marburg Outbreak (2)

WHO published a new report about the Marburg outbreak in Angola today, showing a slow-down in the spreading of the disease. The rate of new cases per day is currently at 5.1 based on the data for the two last weeks, which is remarkably lower than what it was in the beginning of April. WHO still hasn't reported any recoveries from the disease though.

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Marburg Outbreak

[Click to enlarge]WHO is reporting that as of 12 April, 215 people have died in the Marburg Outbreak in Angola. 235 cases have been reported so far, but nobody seems to have survived the disease, as WHO is not reporting any cases of recoveries. That means that the fatality rate so far has been 100%.

The picture above shows the evolution of the number of cases and fatalities starting from 23 March. The picture also shows a «minimal fatality rate», which would be the fatality rate if all cases not yet reported as fatal would lead to recoveries. Currently, that rate is about 91%.

The last weeks, cases have been reported at a rate of about 7.4 new cases per day. However, it looks like the number of new cases per day has been falling a bit in the last reports. For the last five reports, it has been at 6.0 new cases per day.

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