Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Marburg cases jump

[Click to enlarge] The WHO hasn't published any new reports since 29 April, but there are new numbers circulating on the internet. One of the reports if for 30 April, the other one for 2 May. If these numbers are correct, the number of Marburg cases has jumped this last week by a total of almost 40 cases, and there have been 25 new deaths. There is also a report about one recovery, which would be the first one so far for this outbreak.

The graph on the right contains the two new data points. The graph also contains the increase in new cases and fatalities taken over the last five data points. It is clear that the rate for the number of new cases per day has increased during the last week, but it is important to notice that the rate is still much lower than it was in the beginning of April.